Home Values in the Boston Metropolitan Area


Vivian Almaraz


April 25, 2023

This is a map of the home value index in the Boston Metropolitan Area, Boston-Cambridge-Newton region, described across the zip codes within the area. This Leaflet map visualizes the typical home value by zip code to accurately inform viewers on the real estate within the zip code. With this map, viewers can make informed decisions on the housing market, real estate, and neighborhoods, in the Boston area. Viewers should notice the variability in the Zillow Home Value Index between zip codes. The color scale describes home values are increasingly more expensive towards downtown Boston, with purple being the least expensive (5.4 Zillow Home Value Index ~ 200k) and yellow being the most expensive (6.4 Zillow Home Value Index ~ 3 mil).The Zillow Home Value index (as of 3/31/2023) is a measure designed to capture the typical property value for homes within a single zip code.